Taiwan P94. Taichung /// Competition

Project in collaboration with grupoaranea y espai_mgr.

Taichung is an unfriendly city, where the cars have taken the urban space and the sidewalks have disappeared below all the parked motorcycles. The people doen’t walk anymore in the street, but goes by car, with air conditioning, with classical music, disconnected from the city, jumping from bubble to bubble, from the office to the restaurant, from the house to the shop, from parking to parking, with no in betweens…

The competition shows an investigation guideline about how to solve the needs of parking leading to a connection in between the city, its buildings and its green spaces.

The project binds the needs of parking, commerce and lodging, mixing them in a spiral topography of green squares opened to the landscape as lookouts.

01 - Taiwan P94


02 - Taiwan P94